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ColtonCooper Logistics is the Go-To Logistics Service in Colorado for Good Reason

Logistics Service In Colorado - Coltoncooper Logistics
Logistics Service In Colorado – Coltoncooper Logistics

When it comes to professional shipping services, ColtonCooper Logistics is the name to trust. We’re your local five-star logistics service in Colorado, and we’re proud to work with both local and large businesses across Colorado, as well as across the country! Whether you require specialized equipment, specific handling requirements, or a transportation solution that fits your budget, our team of transportation experts has got you covered.

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Why Choose Colton Cooper Logistics for Professional Logistics Service in Colorado?

ColtonCooper Logistics has been proudly serving customers since December 2015. As a sister company to Digby Transportation, we’re part of the renowned Digby family legacy. Owned and operated by Jon Digby and his sons, Colton and Cooper Digby, we bring decades of experience and industry-leading practices to the table. Our roots in the Digby family’s trucking expertise drive us to revolutionize the industry once again, providing exceptional shipping services to our valued customers and drivers.

Our Shipping Specialties Include:


When you need to transport large quantities or heavy products, our full-truckload service is the way to go. Our transportation experts are equipped to handle even the heaviest loads, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free shipping experience.

Full truckload shipping, also known as FTL shipping, is a transportation option where a single shipment occupies an entire truck trailer. This method is great for businesses that need to transport large quantities of goods. FTL shipping ensures faster transit times, as the truck travels directly from the pickup location to the destination without multiple stops. This also minimizes handling, reducing the risk of damage and loss. FTL shipping maximizes efficiency and helps you save money along the way!

Dedicated Freight

If you require regular heavy shipments, our dedicated freight service is designed for you. Set a shipping schedule, let us know about your unique shipping needs, and our transportation experts will take care of the rest, keeping your Colorado business running smoothly.

Unlike other methods, dedicated freight involves a truck or fleet solely dedicated to carrying your cargo. This ensures reliability and eliminates delays from multiple pickups. With flexible pickup and delivery times, it offers plenty of flexibility and convenience. Whether you have valuable, time-sensitive, or delicate cargo, this tailored approach guarantees security and efficiency.

Our Optional Shipping Solutions Include:

We understand that each business has specific requirements, which is why we offer a range of optional shipping solutions tailored to meet your needs:

Direct Store Delivery

For shipments straight to your store-front, our shipping experts will track your cargo and ensure timely delivery at a great price. Experience the convenience of direct store delivery with Colton Cooper Logistics.

Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

Our 3PL services make shipping flexible, scalable, and affordable. Let us handle the logistics while you focus on your core business operations.


When it comes to shipping bulky loads, our power-only shipping solutions provide the necessary power and flexibility. Trust us to ship your massive loads easily and affordably.


If you have temperature-sensitive goods like fruits, vegetables, or meats, our refrigerated vans offer climatized transportation to protect your goods throughout the journey.


For basic load shipments, our dry-van shipping solutions are perfect. Our spacious trucks ensure your boxes and pallets are safeguarded from outside elements.

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When you’re looking for a professional logistics service in Colorado, trust ColtonCooper Logistics. We offer specialized shipping solutions, unmatched expertise, and a commitment to exceptional customer service. Request your free quote today, and experience the ColtonCooper difference for yourself!