Lakewood, CO

Lakewood is a regional center and the capital city of Colorado, situated at the base of the Rocky Mountain Front Range. The city enjoys pleasant weather throughout the year, with the warmest months being June, September, and August. The coldest months are January and December. Located about 45 miles from Denver, the city is the commercial, financial, industrial, and government center for a seven-state region. It is one of the largest cities in the state, growing at an annual rate of 6.6% since the year 2020.

Lakewood CO offers a high quality of life and affordable housing. It also offers great schools and quiet neighborhoods. In addition, residents of the city enjoy the proximity of open space and trails. There are many options for homebuyers looking to purchase or rent a home in this city. For those looking for a new home, West Line Village in Lakewood offers energy-efficient and low-maintenance townhomes. Residents enjoy access to many recreational opportunities in the city, including the lake and foothills.

Residents of Lakewood CO also enjoy convenient transportation and excellent shopping opportunities at nearby malls. This city has a population of 149,793 people and is the fifth largest in the Denver metro area. Its median age is 39 years. It has grown by more than 20,000 people in the last 30 years.

Lakewood CO is a large suburb west of Denver in Jefferson County. It is located at an elevation of 5,518 feet. The city is surrounded by several neighboring towns, including Denver, Golden, and Littleton. Lakewood was originally a rural farming community near the state capital and has gradually evolved into a suburban environment.

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The city was home to many large developments. However, development in Lakewood did slow during the Great Depression. During this time, most areas of the city had virtually no new home construction. In the years after World War II, the city began to experience a period of revitalization. The Denver Ordnance Plant, which created thousands of jobs, spurred major development along Kipling Street. The site eventually became the Denver Federal Center.

Lakewood’s population is composed primarily of young adults and upwardly mobile career starters. The small city environment allows residents to build friendships and have fun with people who share similar interests. Although most residents use private vehicles to get to work, a substantial percentage of Lakewood residents also use public transit, which cuts down on traffic and pollution.

The downtown area of Lakewood has many popular businesses, including a movie theater, shops, and restaurants. The city is also home to a vibrant arts scene. A 38,000 square foot Lakewood Cultural Center and a Certified Colorado Creative District offer arts programs. The city’s downtown has become a popular hangout for locals and visitors alike.

Some of the best dining in the city is located in Lakewood. A popular Italian restaurant, Abrusci’s Fire & Vine, serves delicious Italian food. Another great choice for a casual dinner is Yard House, which offers a fun sports-bar atmosphere and a wide variety of delicious dishes.

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