Full Truckload Freight Services

Ship More with ColtonCooper Logistics.  

ColtonCooper Logistics offers top-rated, full truckload freight services. Our transportation experts will help you ship large loads on-time and at an affordable price. Ask us today about our full truckload transportation services, and we’ll tell you how we can reduce your shipping costs, increase your shipping capacity, and maximize your overall efficiency.  

Our Full Truckload Freight Services in Colorado and Nation-Wide

Full Truckload Freight Services
Full Truckload Freight Services

ColtonCooper Logistics makes it easy to ship products in bulk at an affordable price. Our transportation experts specialize in both final mile delivery and direct store delivery, so you can rest assured that even your largest product shipments are in capable hands when you choose ColtonCooper Logistics. Whether you’re operating under strict deadlines or strict shipping requirements, we’re here to work with you and develop a shipping solution that works best for your wants, needs, and budget.  

Our full truckload freight company in Colorado serving all states nation-wide are designed with you in mind. We offer a variety of shipping options to ensure that even your trickiest deliveries arrive safely to their destinations. Our most popular shipping options include:

  • Direct Store Delivery: Need deliveries shipped directly to your store? Our shipping experts will meet you shipping needs and deliver your shipments safely to your store-front every single time!  
  • Dry-Van Delivery: Need to protect your bulky shipments from outside elements? Dry-van is a great alternative to flat-bed shipping. You’ll be able to ship large quantities of bulky products without having to expose them to wind, rocks, and various forms of weathering. Our dry vans offer full coverage and full protection for your products.  
  • Full Truckload Freight And Transportation Service
    Full Truckload Freight And Transportation Service
    Refrigerated Trucks: If you’re shipping large quantities of perishable products, then you may need a climatized shipping solution. Products such as meats, fruits, and vegetables can quickly spoil in the heat. That’s why we offer refrigerated shipping solutions. Our climatized vans will keep your products fresh and cool even during lengthy trips. 
  • Power-Only Shipping: Have a massive shipment that will require a ton of power? We offer power-only freight services for flexible, cost-effective transportation. Power-only offers more flexible shipping solutions, and it also helps to cut down on total shipping costs.  
  • Third-Party Logistics (3PL): 3PL is the shipping method of choice for business owners who are planning on or are currently expanding. Our 3PL services help us cater to growing businesses and evolving shipping needs. Even better: our 3PL services can help you cost down on shipping costs!     

Nation-Wide Service with Service Centers in Denver, CO and Salt Lake City, UT with a footprint currently in New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, California and Nevada and more!

Flexible Full Truckload Shipping Services

Have specific shipping and handling requirements? Tell us about your shipping needs, and we’ll develop a transportation strategy that works best for you!


Dry-van freight for basic truckload hauls. Our dry-vans will protect your shipment from the outside elements. We can easily ship palletized cargo, boxed freight, and loose freight.


Refrigerated trucking for climatized shipping needs. If you have goods that will need to stay refrigerated during the transportation process (such as meats, fruits, and vegetables), then ask us about our refrigerated trucking services!


Superior trucking power for load shipments. Our power-only freight services offer more flexibility and greater efficiency at a competitive price.


Dependable Third-Party Logistics or 3PL for flexible, scalable, and affordable shipping. Our 3PL services makes it easy to ship anything, any time, anywhere.

Ask Us About Our Full Truckload Freight Services in Colorado and nation-wide 

ColtonCooper Logistics offers flexible, affordable full truckload freight services & free quote in Colorado and nation-wide. From dry-van to refrigerated deliveries, we do it all so you can ship it all. Speak with one of our transportation experts today to discuss your shipping and handling needs!  

Or if you have questions about our full truckload freight services, then get in touch with us today! You can drop your questions in our online form, or you can give us a call to speak directly with a transportation expert for full truckload freight quote.