Jon Digby

CEO & Founder

Jon Digby is the founder of ColtonCooper Logistics. With a lifetime of trucking experience and the Digby family name, Jon created ColtonCooper Logistics and built it into the trucking company that it has become today.  

As the grandson of W.J. Digby and the former president of Digby Truckline Incorporated, Jon Digby has an extensive reputation in the freight and shipping industry. He began his career in trucking when he was just 10 years old, and he has been committed to the Digby trucking legacy ever since. Now, Jon Digby is passing that legacy off to his two sons, Colton and Cooper. Together, the three of them own and operate ColtonCooper Logistics, and they plan on continuing the Digby family legacy with this innovative branch of the Digby family truckline.