Aurora, CO

When it comes to shopping in Aurora, CO, there’s no shortage of options. The city offers plenty of shopping malls and upscale stores. There are also several outdoor dining options and a variety of bars. Whether you want a quick bite or a night out with friends, Aurora has something to offer everyone.

Aurora CO experiences a semi-arid climate, with mild summers and cold winters. During the summer, temperatures range from the upper 70s to the mid-eighties. The city has an average rainfall of 17 inches per year, slightly lower than the national average of 38 inches. In winter, temperatures can drop as low as -23 degF.

Aurora CO has a diverse population. Approximately 43% of residents are Caucasian, 30% Hispanic, 17% Black and 6% Asian. It is also almost equal, with close to 50 percent males and 50 percent females. The city is home to several festivals, many of which are centered on art, food, music, and shopping.

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In Aurora CO, there are plenty of options for buying a home. Sterling Hills, on the east side, is a popular neighborhood for young professionals to settle in after college. This neighborhood offers a mix of older and new homes. In addition, new housing communities are currently under development. As of the writing of this article, the average cost of living in Aurora is 4% lower than the state average. This means that residents are paying less for groceries, healthcare, and utilities. For this reason, the real estate market in Aurora is a bit more affordable than other cities in Colorado.

When it comes to the military, Aurora has a long military history. In 1918, the city was home to the Army General Hospital, which was renamed Fitzsimons Army Hospital and upgraded in 1941 to care for the wounded servicemen of World War II. The city has also been home to a large number of air force bases. Until 1994, the town was home to the Lowry Air Force Base. This former base has since been redeveloped as a master-planned community.

Aurora is a cosmopolitan city that stretches across Arapahoe and Adams counties. With a population of 381,000, Aurora is just 25 minutes outside of Denver. It is known for its abundant employment opportunities, parks, recreation opportunities, and friendly people. As the third largest city in Colorado, Aurora is considered an eastern suburb of Denver.

As a business location, Aurora is located right next to Denver, which makes it a perfect choice. Aurora is a popular location for those looking to establish a new business. As part of the Denver Metropolitan area, Aurora is considered one of the nation’s hottest business hubs. There’s a wide range of opportunities, and a low cost of living is an attractive consideration.

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