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ColtonCooper Logistics is a trusted Logistics Company in Denver, Colorado. We specialize in final mile and direct store deliveries, and we offer a wide variety of shipping solutions to make it all possible. From full-truckload and dedicated shipping to dry-van and refrigerated transportation, ColtonCooper Logistics does it all. We’re here to handle your heaviest loads so you don’t have to.

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Got heavy shipment needs? We’re here to help! ColtonCooper Logistics isn’t your average freight transport company in Colorado. We offer world-class, innovative shipping services throughout the entire nation. We are nation-wide company based in Denver, Colorado with Service Centers in Colorado and Utah and a footprint in New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, California and Nevada and more! We’re well-versed in the leading freight transportation and shipping methods, and we learned from the very best in the trucking industry:

Digby Transportation.  

ColtonCooper Logistics is a Digby family company. The company is owned and operated by Jon Digby and his two sons, Colton and Cooper Digby. Together, the three of them are carrying on the Digby family name and revolutionizing the trucking industry in the same way that their relatives did decades ago. Freight transportation quite literally runs in our veins, and we’re proud to be offering better shipping solutions throughout the state of Colorado and all states we serve.

We Specialize In:


Full-truckload shipping for your largest, heaviest shipments. If you have a massive shipment on your hands, let us haul it at a great price!

Dedicated Freight

Contracted, consistent capacity for your business’ shipping needs. We’ll build a fleet that is tailored to your unique needs. We’ll keep track of your specific equipment and handling requirements so you don’t have to.  

Optional Shipping Solutions

We’re committed to fast and effective shipping, and we offer a variety of shipping solutions to make it happen. Our optional shipping solutions include:


Dry-van freight for basic truckload hauls. Our dry-vans will protect your shipment from the outside elements. We can easily ship palletized cargo, boxed freight, and loose freight.


Refrigerated trucking for climatized shipping needs. If you have goods that will need to stay refrigerated during the transportation process (such as meats, fruits, and vegetables), then ask us about our refrigerated trucking services!


Superior trucking power for load shipments. Our power-only freight services offer more flexibility and greater efficiency at a competitive price.


Dependable Third-Party Logistics or 3PL for flexible, scalable, and affordable shipping. Our 3PL services makes it easy to ship anything, any time, anywhere.

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ColtonCooper Logistics is here to answer all of your freight and shipping questions! Our team of transportation experts are standing by to assist you. Whether you’re shipping a small load or a large product shipment, we’re here to answer all of your questions and make the transportation process as simple as possible. Drop your questions in our quick, online form, or give us a call today to speak directly with a transportation expert!